Bài thơ chữa lành một chú cá

Hôm nay mình xin giới thiệu một cuốn sách tranh xuất sắc gần đây mới mua – This is a poem that heals fish. Thật ra mua nhiều cơ mà cuốn nào hay quá mới thích viết, đâm ra cũng sắp cạn cả từ vựng để ca ngợi.


Ngay từ tựa đề ta đã đoán được ngay, chuyện kể về một bài thơ, do một nhà thơ, nhà viết kịch chấp bút kịch bản – Jean-Pierre Siméon. Mình luôn cảm thấy thơ ca ở Việt Nam bị hiểu nhầm thê thảm. Nếu bạn lỡ mồm nói thích thơ, lập tức người ta sẽ hình dung bạn là đồ… thơ thẩn, đôi lúc sến sẩm và thiếu thực tế. Tuy thế, lại có rất nhiều người bình thường làm thơ. Bố vợ ông anh mình còn sáng tác trường ca, in ra mất cả trăm tờ A4, kể chuyện ngày xưa bị cấp dưới lật ghế. Thơ ca mặt nào đó vừa bình dân, phổ thông lại vừa bị coi nhẹ.

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Things I learnt being an adult

The word “adult” always scares me. While my FB newfeeds is getting full of children’s pictures and parenting status, I’m still struggling to know what for lunch. My high school classmates have two children already, even my little cousin is pregnant. The most terrified thing is my mother and mother in law keep pushing me to have a baby.

But somehow, I think I’ve managed to slowly catch up with the adult world. There are important things that I learnt about growing up.

Firstly, if you are not comfortable with something, just walk away. It sounds silly but I am awkward most of the time. For example, if I sit next to a smelly person on the train, I would find it hard to move away. I don’t know why I’m afraid to hurt a stranger’s feelings. But now I have ‘courage’ to walk straight away. Same with my old job. I was  beating myself up everyday, I stopped writing, drawing, day-dreaming. And one day, I quit. My job wasn’t terrible but dealing with people stressed me out. There were many damn dramas. I hate that adults tend to have negative explanations for everything happened.

Secondly, I’m getting used to the fact that people have different opinions. It won’t kill me if someone disagrees with me. It is easy to say but tough to accept differences. Especially on social networks, people are easily to be offended. Some people I know in real life, they were fine until I read things they posted on FB. FB has made me ‘unlike’ many people.

Lastly, I know that I am not an expert at almost everything in the world. So I won’t talk or debate on things I am not specialized in. Even with my current job, I am still a mediocre illustrator. Sometimes it upsets me, but normally, I only have to keep going up ’cause there isn’t a way down.

I wrote this entry in English because it was such a long time since I last wrote something in English and somehow, writing this in Vietnamese sounds cheesy to me. I’m rambling in foreign language. Maybe, next time, Japanese.